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In this identity program, a hypothetical relative of French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec starts a restaurant inspired by his life and work in 18th century Paris. Les Parias would be an eccentric and enchanting restaurant, bar, and social lounge, located in the historic Montmartre district.

Translating in English to “the outcasts”, Les Parias calls out to the supposed outsiders of society whom Toulouse-Lautrec was known for befriending: the artists, the performers, the poets. In a way, we are all outcasts, and that’s what brings people from all walks of life together to bond over similar feelings and experiences. At Les Parias, everyone can come together over food and drink to celebrate their differences and eccentricities.



The restaurant’s branding and design is intended to be equally modern and nostalgic. The logotype is hand-illustrated as an homage to the poster designers of Montmartre, and is accompanied by overlapping wine stain circles, indicative of a glamorous social life. Natural tones combine with various shades of burgundy, like delicious French wine and the painted lips of dancers, to imply luxury and authenticity. The design avoids symmetry, and features a combination of harsh edges and more organic elements, such as old photographs, to give guests a sense of nostalgia and belonging.

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The restaurant menu program consists of two pieces: a dinner menu and a cocktail menu. The menu items are all ‘experimental’ versions of classic French dishes, representing a blending of cultures and personalities, and each cocktail is inspired by 19th century Montmarte culture and local figures. A combination of modern and rustic design helps visitors feel comfortable whether they’re seeking a full-course meal, or just an appetizer or cocktail.



Every month, Les Parias would release a monthly journal, discussing upcoming events, Montmartre culture, and sharing a recipe and cocktail of the month. The journal

is printed in Les Parias’s brand colors, off-white and burgundy, and is inspired by old-fashioned newspaper styles. The journal would be mailed out to the homes of members of Les Parias’ subscription list, keeping customers involved with Les Parias as a community beyond just a restaurant. 



A digital summary of the print materials, the website serves as a way for regulars to keep in touch and for new customers to make reservations, view the menu, and learn more about Les Parias and its mission and backstory. The site focuses on both usability and visual interest, providing a branded layout similar to the print materials, but including bright, high-quality images of the dishes and restaurant space to help guests visualize the experience they’ll have at Les Parias.


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